Climate Law in Our Hands is an initiative of West Coast Environmental Law, one of Canada's oldest public interest environmental law organizations, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We believe that the law needs to act as if climate change is the real and serious problem that it is. We do that by emphasizing the legal power of communities and nations to protect themselves from climate change and the potential legal consequences for fossil fuel polluters.  

West Coast Environmental Law is dedicated to safeguarding the environment through law.  West Coast uses hard-hitting legal analysis to empower citizens, mobilize allies, and influence decision-makers. For more than 40 years we have played a role in shaping BC and Canada‚Äôs most significant environmental laws. We believe in a just and sustainable society where people are empowered to protect the environment and where environmental protection is enshrined in law.

Climate Law in Our Hands gratefully acknowledges financial support from the Vancouver Foundation, the Wallace Global Fund, Gencon Foundation and the Eden Conservation Trust. We also appreciate past support from Minor Foundation and the Oak Foundation.