Climate impacts and adaptation - Resources

Recognizing that fossil fuel pollution and climate change are harming our communities here and now, and that this will only grow, is a first step in admitting that the world has a problem and demanding that the fossil fuel industry take responsibility for its role in causing that problem.

There are a number of resources for BC communities seeking to understand and prepare for climate impacts. Please check back, as we will be adding new resources from time to time.


Pacific climate impacts consortium (PCIC)

In British Columbia the University of Victoria's Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium and the resources that it provides are invaluable for communities seeking to understand how climate change will affect them. According to its website, PCIC "conducts quantitative studies on the impacts of climate change and climate variability in the Pacific and Yukon region."

In particular, PCIC's analysis tools, such as plan2adapt, let you get information on climate projections for your area and its resources page contains essential reading for BC communities grappling with climate change.


Preparing for climate change

West Coast Environmental Law's award-winning Preparing for Climate Change: An implementation guide for local governments in British Columbia is an invaluable resource for communities addressing the new realities of climate change. The Guide looks at the tools available to prepare for climate change, and highlights useful experiences and good practices from around the province and elsewhere in Canada. We particularly recommend the Guide's Appendix C, which provides a check-list of what local governments should be doing to prepare for climate impacts.