When communities harmed by climate change exercise their right to demand that the global fossil fuel industry pay its fair share, fossil fuel companies will no longer be able to profit from continuing to destroy our atmosphere while lobbying against climate action and spreading climate science misinformation.

Demand Accountability

The first step in demanding accountability from the fossil fuel industry is to actually demand it. Until now, few climate-impacted communities have actually taken the step of asking the Chevrons and Exxons of the world to take responsibility. When companies have been notified that they will be asked to take responsibility for their emissions, and especially their fair share of climate costs, this becomes a risk that they arguably should be disclosing to their shareholders.

Climate Law in our Hands BC is asking 190 of the province's local governments to send climate accountability letters to the world's largest fossil fuel companies.  Climate accountability letters explain the climate impacts and expenses that a community is and expects to incur, and then demands that each fossil fuel company acknowledge its responsibility for a share of that harm, and agree to pay its fair share. 

It takes little time or financial input to write a letter putting the world’s fossil fuel companies on notice that they will be expected take responsibility for their fair share of the climate costs that your community incurs. See our page on Resources for Climate Accountability for more information on how to write climate accountability letters. 

For the Climate Law in our Hands British Columbia campaign, we have drafted Template letters that may be adapted by BC municipalities and regional districts.  As well, we have compiled a spreadsheet that lists the addresses of the world's largest fossil fuel companies and their respective contributions to global greenhouse gases. Click on the buttons below to download them.

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