Smoke and Fumes show that oil and gas industry knew about climate change for 50+ years

We knew that Exxon and other oil and gas companies have known for decades that their products would endanger lives and destroy property, but our friends at the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) have pushed that back by a decade or two with the release of a whack of industry documents at As early as 1958 the oil and gas industry was investigating how much carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere was from the burning of their products. 

Check out the Smoke&Fumes video:

The oil and gas industry has avoided paying their fair share for climate change for decades, but that will change, particularly as it becomes more obvious that they knew about the harm that they were causing.

(Note: Posted when the blog was launched on May 13, 2016, but back dated to the release of Smoke and Fumes)


By Andrew Gage